From Joplin, Missouri, Broderick L. Coursey was raised in a household of artists and musicians where he naturally developed a love for painting, poetry, and cinema. After experimentation and education through several mediums, Coursey developed a passion for photography after a year studying both digital and analog techniques throughout Sweden and Scandinavia. During that year he produced "66 Mermaid Lane"(2018), an aquatic, dreamlike road trip after spending too much time on trains and airplanes. That spring, "High Wasted Genes"(2018) was created, a retro romanticization towards obsessions of beauty and religion, which spawned the persona and pseudonym of Saint Broderick.


After returning to the United States that summer and reuniting with old friends, he worked on "Synthetica"(2018), which extended the universe of Saint Broderick through a psychedelic lense of nostalgia. Now working on a BA of Photography through Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham, England), Coursey created "Oh boy, bandit" (2019), which combined previous visual motifs with ideas of duality, identity, and isolation. Now in his final year at NTU, he hopes to continue in his signature style and is currently planning for a new project to debut next year.